The Entertainment Business Sucks!

This is Louie  Louie face shot.

He is retired from the entertainment business.  I believe if he could talk he would say the entertainment business sucks.

Louie is very fortunate because he gets to spend the rest of his life at the Center for Great Apes

Louie’s life didn’t begin so nice.  He was born on December 19, 1995 and was taken from his mother.  He spent his first year working at a Miami tourist attraction when he should have been bonding with his mother.

Then he was sold to a trainer and worked at Universal Studios tourist attraction.  He was kept backstage in a cage and forced to perform four to five live shows a day for the tourists.

Like so many other orangutan entertainer stories, Louie became too strong for the trainer to control safely so he was kept in a cage for three more years before finally arriving at the Center for Great Apes.

Now Louie has orangutan friends to play with, a large area to travel around and caregivers that make sure he gets enrichment every day.

Center for Great Apes tunnel system   Center for Great Apes Domed Habitat

Louie loves bubble baths and coloring with chalk.

I’m sure he would want me to encourage you to donate enrichment items to the center.  You can find a list of items needed at  Of course, they can always use monetary donations also.

Read more about Louie and his friends at the Center for Great Apes website.

If you wish to contact the center before donating to it their contact information is:

phone: 863-767-8903


Kind Regards,

April & Kesi

Kesi on ground