Mari  Mari was born October 24, 1981.

Mari started out life with a handicap because while an infant her mother was in an agitated state and damaged Mari’s arms so badly she no longer has them.

Mari is incredible though because she gets around so well sometimes her keepers even forget she is missing her limbs.  She either walks upright to move around or will roll when she wants to get around faster.  She climbs the ladder to the top of her 30 foot enclosure using her chin and feet  Mari spends a lot of time walking upright through the woods in the special Boswell Walk-About Chute System at the center.

Mari arrived in the Center for Great Apes in 2001.  Pongo and Christopher were the first orangutans she met at the center and they have stayed great friends.  She has “adopted” five year old Pebbles.  She sleeps with Pebbles and even shares her food with Pebbles.

The carekeepers are very challenged to create activities to entertain Mari because she spent many years at a research center where she could solve computer mazes by manipulating a joystick with her feet plus many other problem solving activities.

Check out the website for the Center for Great Apes to see how you can help these amazing orangutans.

What can you do for Mari?  Donate enrichment items to the center.  Check out their Wish List for items you can donate.

You can send your donations to:  Center for Great Apes, Box 488, Wauchula, Florida 33873

If you want to learn more about how you can help Mari and the other orangutans and chimps that the center provides permanent homes to, contact them:


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