VERY RARE – Wild Orangutans Being Wild

Click on the photos to watch streaming videos of some of the last orangutans still in the wild. 

The way it should be.

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Don’t these orangutans look relaxed and contented? Unlike ones in captivity.

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© BBC Natural History Unit

Unfortunately, this little one could end up on Orangutan Island or worse if we don’t do something about its habitat now.


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Infant Bornean orang-utan climbing

Infant Bornean orang-utan climbing
© BBC Natural History Unit

And, this one could end up in a small cage the rest of its life.

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Never learning how to make a nest.

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Never just hanging around their wild world.

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Never feeding in the wild as God meant.

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Never living in their native habitat.

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© BBC Natural History Unit

Or just having the opportunity to do what wild orangutans would do.

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Donate to your favorite orangutan program today because tomorrow may be too late.

Kind Regards,

April & Kesi

Kesi on ground


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