Did You Adopt an Orangutan?

Happy New Year!

Kesi and I would love to hear from you with your story about adopting an orangutan.

Did you get an adoption certificate and pictures of your adopted orangutan for Christmas?

Or did you adopt an orangutan in someone else’s name and give it to them for Christmas?

Tell us about it and if you don’t mind we will put it in a blog.

Help us get the word out that adopting an orangutan is fun and a great present for someone special.

orangutan-outreach-logo.jpg   Adopt Lomon Lomon  Adopt Fio Fio  Adopt Grendon  GrendonAdopt Kesi  Kesi

nonja.jpg  This beautiful orangutan named Nonja lived to be 55 years old.  The only way other orangutans in the wild today will live to that age is with our help and financial support.  Adopt one now.  Read about Nonja at http://redapes.org/news-updates/nonja-worlds-oldest-sumatran-orangutan-dies-at-miami-metrozoo/

Kind Regards,

April & Kesi

Kesi on ground


One Response

  1. Just to let you know, a new orangutan is available for adoption this month. You can find out all about Beda at the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation UK website:


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