Orangutan Island

I’ve been keeping up on the show Orangutan Island.  I didn’t think I would get into each character as much as I did with Meerkat Manor.  But, then Cha Cha disappeared and even Lone couldn’t find her for most of the episode last week.  I knew I was involved as I let out a sign of relief when Cha Cha finally showed up.  And, was delighted when she didn’t cling to Lone as she did the day Lone had to leave her on the island.  I guess I’m hooked.

The “actors” in this reality show are The Bandit Boys (Rocky, Mercury, Saturnus, Togar, Milo and Donald), Bonita (The Fragile One), Cha Cha (The Social Butterfly), Chen Chen (The Pirate), Daisy (The Scrapper), Donald (The Apprentice), Hamlet (The Intruder), Jasmine (The Femme Fatale), Jordan (The Socially Challenged), Nadi (The Alarm Bell) and Saturnus (The Clown) — also part of The Bandit Boys.

The previews for next week are hilarious and there may be love in the air.

Check out the preview for next week and past weeks videos here:  http://animal.discovery.com/beyond/?playerId=203719213&categoryId=210013718

After watching these entertaining creatures you’ll have a hard time not making that decision to adopt one or more and help save their habitat and their lives.

So, I can’t finish without giving you the link to where you can adopt Kesi or one of the other irresistible orangutans at the center.  Click on Kesi below and adopt an orangutan TODAY!

Adopt Kesi

 Kind Regards,

April & Kesi


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