Which Orangutan Should I Adopt?

Beda – January’s orangutan of the month at Borneo Orangutan Survival UK:

This is Beda.  She is newly up for adoption.  Click on her picture to adopt her.  Read her story about how she came to live at the Nyaru Menteng center.

There are so many orangutans out there that need your help.  The truth is no matter which orangutan you adopt the money goes to help all orangutans.

But, when you give in a certain orangutan’s name you get pictures of that orangutan and a certificate of adoption.  (I plan on framing all of my pictures of Kesi and hanging them in my soon to be remodeled bedroom.  They will help me to remember her and her relatives that will always need our help.)  The best thing would be to give some money in each of their names and then you get pictures of each of them.  But, few of us can do that so let’s check them all out here to get a better idea of which ones you want to adopt.

Here are some websites that have the adoption option.

First, there is orangutan-outreach-logo.jpg Orangutan Outreach.

At Orangutan Outreach   I found five orangutans you can adopt.

There is Lomon. Adopt Lomon  Lomon spent years chained up in a wooden box and when he was rescued, he weighed only 1/3 of what he should have. Due in no small part to the love and attention lavished upon him by his caretakers at Nyaru Menteng, Lomon  has now gained not only the weight he needed, but also his self-confidence.  Check him out at http://redapes.org/adopt-an-orangutan/.

Fio Adopt Fio  had a tragic start to life.  The attempt to rescue her and her mother was only a partial success.  Fio’s mother did not survive but fortunately, Fio was given another chance.  She gets a ton of love and support from her babysitters at Nyaru Menteng and she is gaining the confidence she needs to become an independent orangutan.  http://redapes.org/adopt-an-orangutan/

Grendon Adopt Grendon  star of the BBC’s Orangutan Diary, steals everyones heart.  Looking remarkable like Homer Simpson in miniature, Grendon is a simply delightful little orangutan who loves to joke around with his friends.  He’s popular with staff and orangutans alike at Nyaru Menteng. http://redapes.org/adopt-an-orangutan/

And, of course, there is Kesi Adopt Kesi of which I cannot write about without showing favoritism.  Kesi had her hand chopped off when plantation workers killed her mother with a machete.  Now she is the top pupal in Orangutan Forest School at Nyaru Menteng.  Champion tree-climbing and nest-builder, Kesi is an excellent role model for newly arrived orphans. http://redapes.org/adopt-an-orangutan/

Orangutan Conservancy: http://www.orangutan.com/help_adopt.html

At Orangutan Conservancy I found three interesting orangutans up for adoption.

Asapa  is an orphaned orangutan trying to make its way back into the forest with the help of Nyaru Menteng Orangutan Reintroduction Center. http://www.orangutan.com/help_adopt.html

Mawas   is an orphaned orangutan trying to make its way back into the forest with the help of Nyaru Menteng Orangutan Reintroduction Center.  http://www.orangutan.com/help_adopt.html

Roman     is a wild adult male living in Gunung Palung National Park, whose fragile forest ecosystem is threatened by illegal logging.  http://www.orangutan.com/help_adopt.html 

Kind Regards,

April & Kesi


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