An Orangutan Christmas

Gifts for Orangutans!


I, like many people this time of year, have been very busy.  Which means I’ve had no time to write on this blog.

But I decided it would be appropriate to write this time of year and discuss unique Christmas presents for your loved ones.

Why not adopt an orangutan for one or more people on your Christmas gift list?

The orangutans in the wild are still having their homes stripped away from them, being treated cruelly and need rescuing even at Christmas time.

A great present for your loved one makes a great present for the orangutans.  When you adopt at Orangutan Outreach you will be able to print out pictures of the orangutan you adopt and a certificate of adoption to frame and include in the gift and give the recipient something to keep as a reminder of this special gift from you.  They can also check the progress of their newly adopted orangutan by visiting the Orangutan Outreach website regularly.  I imagine the other websites that allow you to adopt an orangutan probably do that same thing.

My adoption of Kesi costs me only $10 a month and is taken automatically out of my checking account.  I receive an email every time a payment is taken out of my account.

Kesi would love someone out there to donate in her name and adopt her.

Kesi on ground      Happy Holidays from Kesi!

Get that special, unique gift at:

Merry Christmas!

Kind Regards,

April & Kesi


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