How does a baby orangutan thrive without his mother?

Orangutans are solitary creatures except for the 6 or so years a mother has a baby.

Solitary does not mean they are unloving or unfeeling.  It simply means God made them in a way that they prefer to be alone.  This means away from human beings also.  But, when forced to be in a group they do get along together and many even enjoy each others company.

I am not going to give you all the book learning about orangutans that is already out there on the Internet.  I will give you wonderful links that you can go to and learn about their history – let me state right now that I do not agree with all these links say regarding the orangutans history.  The true history is that God made them when he made all other creatures, Adam named them and God is watching over them right now.  Evolution is a theory and just that.  It will never be proved anything else.

What I want to show you is the type of maternal love Kesi would have gotten if she had not been cut from her mother before she had even grew in all her baby teeth.

Baby   Speaking of cutting a baby from her mother.  Who could look at this beautiful baby and do any harm to her?  Why is it so different when it comes to a living animal?  God made them just as he made this adorable baby.

Below are some illustrations of how orangutan mothers love their babies.  If you wish to see more of this love go to:

Sleeping Baby  Where does a baby orangutan sleep?  On his mother, of course.

Mother and Baby  Who does a baby orangutan hold on to?  His mother, of course.

Touching  Who does a baby orangutan trust.  His mother, of course.

Sharing food  Who shares her food with a baby orangutan?  His mother, of course.

Kisses  Where do baby orangutan get their kisses.  From their mothers, of course.

  Baby alone   Where does all of this come from when the baby orangutan has no mother?

From dedicated volunteers who take in these pitiful orphans and raise them like their mothers would have if they would have lived AND from your support of the following organizations:

Orangutan Outreach:

Sumatran Orangutan Society: 

 Orangutan Conservancy:

 Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre:

And many more, just use your search engine and type in “orangutan center saving” and you will be overloaded with the possibilities of saving orangutans from complete annialation.

Kind Regards,

April & Kesi


5 Responses

  1. Bravo on the blog! It keeps getting better and better! Kesi would be so proud of you! Keep up the stellar work! Rich (Director of Orangutan Outreach)

  2. good work well done i found this very useful with my studies

  3. I fail to understand why apes are afforded so many things that the human beings living in these ape habitat regions will never see in thier lifetimes. For instance these orangutan rescue centers the tiny ape babies are diapered fed human infant formula they ar coddled by human women and they recieve the level of medical care that again, most people in the country will never recieve. These animals are continually shoved down our throats as “ALMOST HUMAN’ due to the similar genetics humans and these apes share with a difference of two percent. That 2% is a world of difference ask any genetic scientist, which is why apes do not have a written language nor build permanent structures, nor clothe themselves to shelter themselves in incliment weather, they do not worship any diety no idols no representative paintings on caves of thier culture. These are animals who through the erroneous work of birute galdakis jane goodall and lone droescher have managed to corrupt apes away from thier true nature turning these apes into nothing more than very dangerous pets, by naming them by interacting with the apes(any anthropologis will tell you when a superior culture encounters an inferior species that species is inevitably destroyed by the very people well meaning erroneous efforts. Goodall destroyed the chimpanzees of gombe by forst feeding them to entice them closer to “obsereve them” then she began to interact with the apes then she named them and they became “HER CHIMPS’ She destroyed the chimpsinstincts by feeding them they quit roaming for food as is thier nature the became dependant on her feedings then she began to touch thier babies and the slope to hell was ready. The same thing with Lone Droescher who runs BOS She has these animals living in groups which is totally against their nature then she runs a forest school feeding them daily oh and the infants are coddled and held by human women further corrupting the ape into dependance on humans and of course antibiotics oxygen etc are administered when they are sick robbing them of a natural immune system and to this day she has not released one orangutan back into the wild. do you know why? They are not capable of living on thier own without daily feeding without daily visits and they cannot cope outside of the group. SHe has managed to fundamentally alter a whole segment of a species and not for the good. Do yourselves a favor do the research on the orangutan centers on the ape rescue places in africa. Goodall has been condemmed over and over for her destructive methods and yet she is still worshiped by ape saviors.

    • I in no way place the lives or orangutans above humans. God created man first in His own image and then created creatures to be cared for by man and used for food, clothing, etc. I don’t care if the scientists say orangutans dna is so close to humans – it does not mean we have evolved from them.

      But, I do believe God has given man the responsibility to watch over all creatures and not kill and abuse them for their own amusement.

      I happen to agree with you regarding Jane Goodall on many points. But, do not think this topic is black and white but in a grey area as unless you actually are faced with a small dying orangutan with no mother to feed it can you make a decision on whether or not you let it die or you feed it human baby formula to let it live.

      Orangutans need about five years of learning to be able to go off on their own and live so after a person makes that decision to keep the baby orangutan alive one must do as much as possible to get the orangutan able to be self sufficient. Yes, they are in groups but that is because there are so many of them that need rescuing they must be in groups.

      They are attempting to release adult animals in areas where they will not encounter humans and destroy human crops. Of course, it will not be the same as God intended but it is the best we humans can do.

      I personally donate to the betterment of humans also and feel humans are definitely more important than the great apes when it comes to compassion but that does not change my views on orangutans which having also been created by God should be taken care of by humans as he intended.

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