Kesi – My Beautiful Baby

I recently watched “Orangutan Island” on Animal Planet and began thinking about my fascination with orangutans that has went on for years.

I realized that there was something I could do here in the United States for those wonderful creatures in Borneo.  And, instead of letting that idea go in one side of my head and out the other, I grabbed the idea and held it.  Slowly, it dawned on me that I could tell the world about my love for these animals, show the world why I love them and ask the world to love them with me.

I went to Orangutan Outreach at and found I could adopt an orangutan for $10 a month.  (Let’s see $10 is less than one pizza.)  That is how we measure monetary items at our house.  Items less than one pizza are no brainers – if you want them – get them.  Thus, I adopted Kesi.  She is one pizza a month.

I chose Kesi because she had her left hand chopped off by the horrible people that killed her mother and stole her away.  She held on to her mother so tight they had to cut her off from her mother.  That is what I call a maternal bond.  This maternal bond is not unusual for orangutans.  In fact, it would be very unusual if it wasn’t there.

Kesi hanging  Kesi doesn’t let the fact that she has one hand and a mangled foot keep her from hanging around like the others.

Kesi is a Swahili name which means ‘child born in difficult times.’  This is actually an African name and although there are no orangutans in Africa, because of Kesi’s beginning in life, the name suits her well.

Thus begins the adventures of Kesi, my beautiful baby.

I promise to write almost every day and keep you informed about these wonderful creatures that are losing their habitat and their lives daily in Borneo.

Kind Regards,



3 Responses

  1. People in the UK who care about orangutans can help by visiting the International partner site of Orangutan Outreach, the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation UK at (also accepts donations and adoptions from anywhere in the world online).
    Don’t miss episode 3 this Friday!

  2. I also found a love for Orangutans through the show, and adopted a few Orangutans myself, Lomon, Grendon, and Kesi. The adoptions also made great gifts for friends, my friends love them and it was extremely rewarding for me. I still felt as if I should do more and have decided to enroll in a program in Malaysia. It’s a minimum of 2 months and a lot of hands on experience with the Orangutans. I cannot wait to go.

  3. am originally indonesian and marry with american, we also adopted one baby orang utan name Miko, and love to watch the orang utan island .. they beautiful creature and unique. this is the pages that we can also adopted more baby orang utan , help and reach them out !!

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